PostgreSQL for beginners

Course Description

Introduction to PostgreSQL: Database design, normalization and denormalization, configuration and performance tuning, creating databases and tables


£ 325 (incl. VAT)


6 hours

Course Details

This course is intended for people with no or little experience of setting up databases and who would like to lear how to use PostgreSQL for their projects.

PostgreSQL for beginners covers the following topics:

  • Structure your data for integrity and speed: Database design, normalization and denormalization.
  • How to configure your database server for increased performance.
  • Introduction to SQL: Use SQL to create databases and tables, learn PostgreSQL's data types and how to use them and how to get data into and out of your database.

This course is ideal for people who have previously completed our PHP for beginners course and who want to start using a database as backend for their dynamic websites.

Norwich Dates

This course is currently only available for groups of 5 or more delegates. Please email us for more information and prices.

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