PHP for beginners

Course Description

Introduction to PHP: Programming basics, variables, control structures, functions, create dynamic websites and use data from databases.


£ 525 (incl. VAT)


12 hours

Course Details

This course is intended for people with no or little programming experience. Basic knowledge of HTML would be useful (Please have a look at our XHTML course if you want to brush up on your HTML skills).

PHP is currently the most popular language for creating dynamic web sites. Whether you want to include a forum or publish data from your database on your web site or create web services for the sematic web, PHP is the ideal solution.
PHP is easy to learn and your PHP scripts can be quickly integrated with your existing web site.

PHP for beginners covers the following topics:

  • How PHP works: Interaction between web server, database, PHP and the browser.
  • Basic programming techniques: Variables and arrays
  • Control structures: Conditional statements and loops
  • Handling user submitted data: Processing form input and using URLs
  • Structuring your code: Creating functions
  • Using built in functions and funtionality: Uploading and reading files
  • Databases: Connecting to MySQL and receiving and storing data
  • Putting it all together: Creating a dynamic web site with PHP

If you are interested in using a database as a backend for your web sites, you might be interested in one of the following 1-day or 2-evenings courses which cover basic database design, database configuration and performance tuning as well as an introduction to SQL:

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This course is currently only available for groups of 5 or more delegates. Please email us for more information and prices.

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